Types of Natural Stone used in Carving

There are two very dissimilar materials, commonly known as Soapstone.


Popularly called soapstone; is one of the softest ‘minerals’ on earth. Many items that we use in our day to day life, such as cosmetics, baby powder, toothpaste, and sculptures, are manufactured from this mineral.


Also called soapstone, and much like Talc, is also very much apart of our everyday lives. Being much harder than the mineral Talc, Steatite is well suited to the manufacture of custom sinks, countertops, and types of flooring.

Alabaster is a very popular statuary stone.

Originally used for noble furniture such as grandiose tables in the castles of kings. The ease of which it is carved and wide colour variations soon made this magnificent stone a favorite amongst carvers throughout the world.

Italian White (Tirafsci)

The stone of choice, used by ancient and modern masters alike. This purest of white Alabaster, with it’s inherent beauty and purity, is superior to all others.

Italian White Translucent (Mario)

Diversity of design is unlimited, with transcending shades from white to crystalline, each stone holds a life within, lying in wait to guide the carver’s hand.